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Covid-19 Disinfecting, It's Not Rocket Science

Background - I have been in the cleaning industry for over 42 years and operated my company The Crew Janitorial in Denver all that time...



How do I make my home or office Covid-19 free after someone tests positive?


Being infected by the virus when touching surfaces that have been infected with the Covid-19 is still not fully understood. But it is universally understood that all point of contact surfaces should be thoroughly washed with soapy water. I like to use a Dawn soap solution by applying it and then scrubbing the surface for at least 20 seconds removing dirt, debris etc. It has been found that doing this is more effective than using alcohol based sanitizers (70% or less). According to the CDC Covid-19 dies on surfaces within hours to days so as a general rule isolating an area when possible for at least 72 hours is optimum prior to cleaning. Washing the surfaces is critical to ensure that the surface area is free of the Covid-19 infection.


Am I at greater risk since I clean offices?


Provided that you are not working around people and the office is not occupied when cleaning the chances of exposure is limited... At all times it important that you wear gloves, and a mask when cleaning.


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