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Janitorial Prices

Everyone wants the lowest cost and the best service... There are things you should know before you select and hire a janitorial service provider:

1) Who are you getting for the price? Cleaning companies are known for playing games with offering a low price to reel in a prospective customer. They promise a lot but deliver very little and attempt to sign you up fast. Don't be fooled with the sell... Make sure the company you are interested in has the experience, the history, the consistent culture and most of all a staff that is mature, trained and work history to do the job right. Interview their staff that they propose placing in your facility. Check out their company and references to make sure they are who they say the are. Remember a cleaning company is only as good as the workers they place in your facility and if they are not a good fit it will not work and you will get unsatisfactory performance in the least.

2) Time is money... If you get a low price offer from a cleaning company are you getting the necessary time and effort to clean your facility well. Everyone knows how to clean so put yourself in their shoes and imagine how long would it take you to clean your facility and compare what they are offering in their service plan and how much time they plan on spending cleaning your facility each visit. Ask your present provider how long they spend and determine if it is adequate.

3) Nickel and diming... Many cleaning companies offer a low price and plan to make up their low cost by charging for any and every task not in the specifications.

4) Cheap Labor... If you want to know a lot about any cleaning company interview their staff prior to start. Paying low wages causes:

a) High turnover.

b) Poorly trained workers.

c) Hiring suspect workers

d) Unstable and security issues.

e) Unsatisfactory results.

5) Don't let any janitorial provider sign you up for a long-term deal with terrible termination conditions. If you have to micro-manage and in some cases do their work, then why do you need them? A month to month service contract is best with thirty days notice to terminate is standard.

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