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6 Dirtiest Areas in An Office

Do you know which are the dirtiest areas in an office? Let's see which places have even more germs and microbes than the restrooms.

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Even though we spend many hours in an office, we don't think too much about the flourishing bacteria and viruses that may be lingering around our workspace. It's never too late to start paying attention to all the potential germs in your office. If you don't pay attention, the long exposure can make you sick, and the contamination can quickly spread throughout the workplace. It's essential to keep an office clean for various reasons, from improving employees' health to making a good impression on visitors and customers. Choosing the right cleaning company is one of the crucial decisions to make for keeping a healthy work environment. We all know that the restroom we use in our workplace can be a bit dirty, but there are other areas with even more germs. Here are the 6 dirtiest areas in an office (which you certainly touch daily).

#1 Keyboards and mouses

Your hands are on both of these for many hours a day, so they easily collect dust, hair, dead skin cells, and food particles. That's why you should opt to keep them and your hands clean. Some studies show that keyboards and mouses have more germs per square inch than a typical toilet seat. So, you should take special care, especially if the keyboards and mouses are shared between workers in different shifts. Find a special cleaning liquid for cleaning computer components, including the keyboards and mouses to avoid many microbes doing you harm.

#2 Doorknobs and handles

Doorknobs are used in every office by many people, and you know that not everybody's hands are clean all the time. Therefore, doorknobs and handles are among the dirtiest areas in an office, with the highest concentration of germs, which are easy to spread. The doorknobs and handles in the conference room are especially dirty, even if that's not so obvious. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are very effective in dealing with this kind of dirt and germs.

Keep in mind that other handles in your office may be dirty as well, such as those of sinks, refrigerators, microwaves, coffee pots, handrails, etc. Janitorial services can take care of keeping all that areas clean, provided that the visits are regular.

#3 Buttons

There are usually several buttons around every office that people press all the time. However, they are rarely cleaned, so they can easily and quickly become health hazards no one is aware of. The buttons you probably touch on an everyday basis, maybe even multiple times a day, are those in elevators, on printers and copiers, vending machines, water fountains, microwaves, etc. The same applies to light switches.

If you don't use a hand sanitizer each time you touch one of these buttons, avoid touching them altogether by using clothed elbows or pens.

#4 Desks

The desk is the place where you spend most of your time in the office, and at the same time, it's home to millions of germ and one of the dirtiest areas in your office. So, avoid eating at your desk whenever possible. Also, opt to keep it clean - wipe it down regularly (at least once a week) with an antibacterial wipe or a vinegar-based solution. It will take only a few minutes, but it could save you enormous amounts of time on sick leave.

#5 Office supplies

Pens, pencils, staplers, and other office supplies that multiple people use on an everyday basis are hotspots for bacteria and germs. Be especially aware when using pens, because many people have a habit of biting on the ends, so they left the germs from their mouths all over them. A good idea is to always carry your own pen with you.

#6 Telephones

Microbes are easy to transfer to a phone receiver both by hands and mouth. If you're sharing phones in your office, they are probably germ-infested. However, a personal telephone is also very dirty as you may forget to clean it regularly. You can change that habit right away since disinfecting is especially important in these times of COVID-19. A few simple steps won't take much of your time, but it's essential to make them a routine.

How to protect yourself

Even though it's impossible to avoid germs entirely, diligent washing, wiping, and sanitizing can help in reducing the chance of contamination. Here are some useful tips for protecting yourself from catching various germs or your colleagues' coughs and sniffles:

● Wash your hands (or at least use hand sanitizer) as soon as you get to work. That’s especially important for those who are using mass transit, like trains or buses.

● Always keep hand sanitizer at your desk. Remember to use it right after every meeting or conference.

● Use alcohol solution or disinfectant wipes to clean your desk, preferably daily. That’s particularly important if you’re eating at your desk.

● Whenever you go into a break room, always bring disinfectant wipes with you and use them to sanitize high-touch areas. Or, at least use paper towels to touch them.

● Place at least one hand sanitizer in the break room. That will reinforce healthy hygiene behaviors in all co-workers.

● Hire a reliable cleaning service if you want to be sure that all office areas are disinfected regularly. Leave the cleaning to the pros who are trained in methods to get rid of bacteria from the dirty surfaces.

● Encourage your co-workers to clean their workspace regularly

● Reduce office clutter

Thorough cleaning after a commercial relocation

If you plan to relocate your business in the future, you shouldn't forget the cleaning routine you have set up. After commercial movers help you settle in your new office in no time, don't miss the crucial step of cleaning everything thoroughly so that you can start a new chapter in a completely fresh and sanitized environment.


Taking all the necessary steps to keep the dirtiest areas in an office as clean as possible is extremely important. So, take responsibility to provide a clean and sanitary workspace and follow the given tips. That's how you and your co-workers will stay healthy and productive.

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