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Cleaning Jobs

We all want a high paying job... In every industry there exist high paying jobs. If you want to make a high income in the cleaning industry you must be at the top of your game. If you care about your work, care about the customer needs, follow through with your duties to the fullest and are very responsible you should succeed in the cleaning industry at a higher pay than others. Additionally you may want to consider working on a salary basis or contract basis to increase your hourly amount paid due to your expertise, speed and quality of work you can perform. Many individuals today clean a number of building per month on a salary/contract basis for a lump sum amount. In many cases these facilities/buildings may be smaller but the amount paid is higher because the cleaning company desires workers who take more care and pride in the service they perform without any supervision. As an example I have know individuals that make as much as $7,500 dollars a month cleaning buildings.

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