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    • Covid-19 Disinfecting, It's Not Rocket Science

      Background - I have been in the cleaning industry for over 42 years and operated my company The Crew Janitorial in Denver all that time... Covid-19 Question: How do I make my home or office Covid-19 free after someone tests positive? Answer: Being infected by the virus when touching surfaces that have been infected with the Covid-19 is still not fully understood. But it is universally understood that all point of contact surfaces should be thoroughly washed with soapy water. I like to use a Dawn soap solution by applying it and then scrubbing the surface for at least 20 seconds removing dirt, debris etc. It has been found that doing this is more effective than using alcohol based sanitizers (70% or less). According to the CDC Covid-19 dies on surfaces within hours to days so as a general rule isolating an area when possible for at least 72 hours is optimum prior to cleaning. Washing the surfaces is critical to ensure that the surface area is free of the Covid-19 infection. Question: Am I at greater risk since I clean offices? Answer: Provided that you are not working around people and the office is not occupied when cleaning the chances of exposure is limited... At all times it important that you wear gloves, and a mask when cleaning.

    • Our Vacuum's Suck But We Don't!

      Honestly what is the key to getting good cleaning services for your business? It's the individual cleaner that we hire to clean your facility. Since 1982 we have been providing commercial cleaning services to great companies in the Denver Metro Area. Providing good cleaning is not rocket science: 1) We interview and select cleaners by experience, knowledge of techniques, ability to work with others and with customers, desire to please the customer, their work history, and more importantly their Maturity. We even go as far as to take a look at the condition of a candidates vehicle to see if it's keep clean and neat. 2) We perform a detailed background check on all perspective cleaners. 3) We train all workers in a method of limited multitasking capacity to ensure they understand all site specific and scope of work details. 4) We make sure all cleaners have good equipment and supplies 5) We empower workers to be proactive and help our customers pursuant to the work we provide and look to ways to enhance the service we provide overall. 6) We pay them above average for the industry. 7) We limit change and unnecessary disruptions to schedules and tasks to ensure consistent service. That's THE CREW way...

    • Choosing the right Cleaning Company

      How To Choose The Right Commercial Cleaning Service 1) Find out how long they have been in business and look them up at your secretary of state business search to ensure they are telling you the truth. Any commercial cleaning service that has been in business for more than 10 years is probably a fair candidate. 2) Who do they presently service and verify their references. 3) What trade organizations are they a part of, i.e. Building Service Contractors Association etc... 4) Most importantly... Who do they hire, what is their policy for checking backgrounds, and make sure you meet their staff before placement to make sure they are a good fit. You want mature and experienced workers who can communicate with you. You would not allow anyone into your home,so why would you allow a person in your business that has the keys and access to tens of thousands of dollars worth of assets that you no nothing about?

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    • Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Cleaning Services in & around Denver

      ™ T he C rew For A Free No Obligation Cleaning Quote Call Today (720) 708-0312 Some of Our Valued Customers Send Success! Message received. The Crew™ Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Company 10111 W. 26th. Avenue, Unit D Denver CO 80215 (720) 708-0312 The Crew™ has been the leading local Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial service provider for over 38 years in the Denver Metro Area. Our Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial service staff is fully background checked, trained and experienced. We are a full service certified Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Company. Meeting your needs can only be achieved we source and place only the best workers who have a desire to meet your needs with no non-sense and complete follow through... We understand that your time is extremely valuable and you don't have time to micro-manage your Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial services. Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial services Why Choose Us? 1) In the Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial business it’s all about the we assign to clean your facility... workers At The Crew™ We hire the best cleaners to ensure quality results now and in the future! 2) We provide a full and complete background checks of all janitorial cleaning staff through the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. 3) We make the effort to screen all cleaning staff prior to placement at your facility to ensure they are experienced, trained, and have a can do attitude in cleaning. ​ 4) The majority of our Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial service cost goes to paying our staff that cleans your facility. We may profit less but we can hire the best workers ensuring a good job long-term… The cleaning industry has an average turnover rate of 28.50% percent per year. Last year our turnover rate was less than 2.5% percent. ​ 5) We have been in the Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial business for over 38 years and the key to our success is sourcing and hiring the best and is our bottom line... o Commercial Cleaning o Janitorial Services o Day Porter Services o Office Cleaning o Floor/Carpet Service and Much More...

    • Office Cleaning | Commercial Cleaning

      Office Cleaning Office Cleaning is more than emptying the trash... ​ At The Crew - We have been providing full service Office Cleaning to our customers for over 38 Years. It is important to know our customers needs, develop a scope of work or office cleaning plan and train our cleaners thereafter to meet all customer needs accordingly. Scope items as simple as replacing soiled plastic trash liners and then tying them to the trash can improves the finished service look and increases service consistency/efficiency as an example. Other service items such as using a rotary vacuum as apposed to a backpack vacuum can help keep customer carpets free of dust and lint. The bottom line is, office cleaning must be fully thought out and handled by cleaners that understand and know the tasks consistently to ensure customer satisfaction. ​ Call us today at (720) 708-0312 so we can develop a office cleaning plan for you... T he C rew For A Free No Obligation Cleaning Quote Send Thanks! Message sent.

    • Small Office Cleaning Services | Commercial Cleaning

      Office Cleaning The Crew - Office Cleaning is has over 38 years of experience cleaning: Accounting Offices Data Processing Offices Small Offices Large Offices Manufacturing Offices Law Offices Medical Offices Various Commercial Classes of Offices and Much More... ​ We take a no nonsense approach to office cleaning that plain and simple is, hire good people who are mature, experienced, willing to make the extra effort to satisfy and fully background checked equals good office cleaning. We even go as far as to review how well our candidates for hire keep their personal car clean as an example of our hiring process... ​ Our price is reasonable and fair, so give us a call today at (720) 708-0312 to see what we can do for you? T he C rew For A Free No Obligation Cleaning Quote (720) 708-0312 Send Thanks! Message sent.

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