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  • The Benefits of Day Porter Cleaning Services

    Alt: A clean and tidy office, representing the benefits of day porter cleaning services As you are already aware, appearances are critical in the business world. So, to keep those appearances at a high level, you need to have a person responsible for that task. If there has been a spill, that person will clean it up. If there is a shortage of some supplies, that same individual will stock up on what's missing. As a result of these efforts, your offices will be safer and cleaner, and as such, they will be more comfortable for your employees and visitors. With day porter cleaning services, you will maintain the cleanliness of your commercial space at an exceptional level at all times and create a positive image of your business. You will agree that a good image is priceless in the competitive business environment. Moreover, day porter services will positively impact your company's financials, general facility hygiene, and the wellness and productivity of your staff. So, the primary benefits of day porter cleaning services include: Improved hygiene that protects the health of your employees, clients, and guests, essential now that we are battling the Covid-19 pandemic. It is achieved through continuous cleaning of high-traffic areas and high-touch surfaces. Reduced labor and operations costs. Porter services cost significantly less than after-hours cleaning services alone. Better cleaning outcomes that affect the satisfaction of your employees, and thus, their productivity. Before we go into more detail regarding all the advantages these services bring, it's essential to understand what day porter services are. What are day porter cleaning services? Porters are individuals responsible for making your premises clean and tidy during your working hours. They work in the background, tending to spills and other basic cleaning tasks. They remove the trash, restock restrooms, clean the front lobby, etc. The difference between janitorial services and day porter services is that janitors typically work after hours or when there is less traffic. They also do more deep cleaning than porters. What do day porter cleaning services include? Porters primarily focus on maintaining public areas in a facility. Their services typically involve: Checking, cleaning and disinfecting common areas, high-traffic areas, high-touch surfaces, elevators, and office cleaning Trash removal Cleaning the floors Cleaning the windows and doors Vacuuming and dusting Replacing light bulbs Responding to service calls in case of spills and similar events Cleaning appliances (e.g., microwaves and coffee makers) Sanitizing surfaces Changing HVAC filters Removing snow and ice Event set up and post-event clean up Coffee services Watering the indoor plants Restocking paper products Ordering supplies While these are the most common duties porters perform, there are other tasks they handle, depending on the needs of the facility. Improved hygiene and health of the employees Especially during global pandemics such as the one we are experiencing now, having a person in charge of cleaning and disinfecting surfaces frequently is essential. For instance, a porter will wipe down and sanitize doorknobs, light switches, elevator buttons, etc. Doing so considerably reduces the presence of bacteria and germs, which consequently hinders the spread of illnesses. In addition, day porter services eliminate slip and trip hazards, such as spills and different debris, further improving the safety of occupants and visitors. Day porter cleaning services are cost-efficient Compared to after-hour cleaning services, day porters significantly reduce maintenance costs. Performing maintenance tasks during business hours eliminates the need for large cleaning crews at night. As a result, you will lower your night-time maintenance expenses. Moreover, if you factor in the energy savings brought about when there is less need for artificial lighting (during the day), it is easy to see how day porters contribute to cost-saving. Of course, day porters need proper management. Otherwise, your maintenance costs will increase. So, a porter should not run errands for your employees but perform tasks that will minimize the need for off-hours cleaning, consequently improving cost-effectiveness. Better cleaning outcomes and employee satisfaction Toilets are essential rooms in a facility, and the importance of keeping them clean and sanitized is tremendous. Moreover, the cleanliness of the restrooms is also something employees, and visitors mostly complain about. There should be a careful plan or schedule for restroom cleaning that is in line with the traffic there. Also, the cleaning must be performed in a way that doesn't interfere with the use of these facilities. Besides how often the restrooms are used, it is vital to consider the vulnerability of the users as well when determining the frequency of the cleaning. For instance, children, older adults, sick, and immune-deficient people fall into the category of more vulnerable groups. Therefore, toilets that see more traffic and more vulnerable groups should be checked and cleaned more often. Also, restocking paper and soap regularly is a must. Such service will undoubtedly reduce employee and visitor complaints. In addition, a well-maintained environment devoid of unpleasant smells and clutter is an excellent first impression. And we know how important first impressions are. A clean facility will improve your reputation and give your business or property more value. Additional benefits of day porter cleaning services Besides the most evident and highly significant advantages of hiring a day porter, there are other benefits that we should mention: Better productivity - Clutter-free environment means no distractions for the employees, which improves productivity. Also, a person in charge of some simple yet critical tasks, such as trash removal, restocking toilet paper, soap, and towels, will let your staff focus on their job. Immediate action - In case of spills, messes, or stains on carpets, the day porter will respond immediately, reduce safety hazards, and minimize interruptions. Customized service - With a day porter, you will get services that best suit your needs. So, you will get the resources and the skill-set that your facility demands. Liaison services - For example, if you need carpet cleaning, landscaping, or similar larger services, your porter will supervise the work of these professionals, ensuring the needs of your company are satisfied. Keep up professional appearance with day porter cleaning services If you decide that you will benefit from day porter services, there are two options for you. Firstly, you can hire an individual responsible for all the tasks a day porter should perform. In that case, your company will have to provide the necessary training and supplies and take care of the insurance, payroll, and benefits. In addition, keep in mind that your facility will not get the required attention in case of sick leave or while that person is on vacation. Also, remember that office relocations happen. For example, you are currently in New York City but have realized your business would benefit from moving. And the same way some of your employees may not be happy with the change, your porter may also decide that the new location does not work for them. So, if you want to transfer your NYC office elsewhere, you may have a few problems to think about, and finding a new porter doesn't have to be one of them. Therefore, it would probably be better to hire a cleaning company that offers day porter services. The Crew is there to provide you with a customized service adequate for your building and business needs. Moreover, the company will be responsible for all employee-related costs and have a backup ready if your porter is unavailable. Contact The Crew and find out how we can help you enjoy all the benefits that day porter cleaning services offer. Meta: Read about all the benefits of day porter cleaning services. A porter will help you always make an excellent first impression and keep your staff happy. Green Leafed Plants · Free Stock Photo (

  • 6 Dirtiest Areas in An Office

    Do you know which are the dirtiest areas in an office? Let's see which places have even more germs and microbes than the restrooms. Featured image: Alt-tag: People sitting on chairs beside their desks in an office Even though we spend many hours in an office, we don't think too much about the flourishing bacteria and viruses that may be lingering around our workspace. It's never too late to start paying attention to all the potential germs in your office. If you don't pay attention, the long exposure can make you sick, and the contamination can quickly spread throughout the workplace. It's essential to keep an office clean for various reasons, from improving employees' health to making a good impression on visitors and customers. Choosing the right cleaning company is one of the crucial decisions to make for keeping a healthy work environment. We all know that the restroom we use in our workplace can be a bit dirty, but there are other areas with even more germs. Here are the 6 dirtiest areas in an office (which you certainly touch daily). #1 Keyboards and mouses Your hands are on both of these for many hours a day, so they easily collect dust, hair, dead skin cells, and food particles. That's why you should opt to keep them and your hands clean. Some studies show that keyboards and mouses have more germs per square inch than a typical toilet seat. So, you should take special care, especially if the keyboards and mouses are shared between workers in different shifts. Find a special cleaning liquid for cleaning computer components, including the keyboards and mouses to avoid many microbes doing you harm. #2 Doorknobs and handles Doorknobs are used in every office by many people, and you know that not everybody's hands are clean all the time. Therefore, doorknobs and handles are among the dirtiest areas in an office, with the highest concentration of germs, which are easy to spread. The doorknobs and handles in the conference room are especially dirty, even if that's not so obvious. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are very effective in dealing with this kind of dirt and germs. Keep in mind that other handles in your office may be dirty as well, such as those of sinks, refrigerators, microwaves, coffee pots, handrails, etc. Janitorial services can take care of keeping all that areas clean, provided that the visits are regular. #3 Buttons There are usually several buttons around every office that people press all the time. However, they are rarely cleaned, so they can easily and quickly become health hazards no one is aware of. The buttons you probably touch on an everyday basis, maybe even multiple times a day, are those in elevators, on printers and copiers, vending machines, water fountains, microwaves, etc. The same applies to light switches. If you don't use a hand sanitizer each time you touch one of these buttons, avoid touching them altogether by using clothed elbows or pens. #4 Desks The desk is the place where you spend most of your time in the office, and at the same time, it's home to millions of germ and one of the dirtiest areas in your office. So, avoid eating at your desk whenever possible. Also, opt to keep it clean - wipe it down regularly (at least once a week) with an antibacterial wipe or a vinegar-based solution. It will take only a few minutes, but it could save you enormous amounts of time on sick leave. #5 Office supplies Pens, pencils, staplers, and other office supplies that multiple people use on an everyday basis are hotspots for bacteria and germs. Be especially aware when using pens, because many people have a habit of biting on the ends, so they left the germs from their mouths all over them. A good idea is to always carry your own pen with you. #6 Telephones Microbes are easy to transfer to a phone receiver both by hands and mouth. If you're sharing phones in your office, they are probably germ-infested. However, a personal telephone is also very dirty as you may forget to clean it regularly. You can change that habit right away since disinfecting is especially important in these times of COVID-19. A few simple steps won't take much of your time, but it's essential to make them a routine. How to protect yourself Even though it's impossible to avoid germs entirely, diligent washing, wiping, and sanitizing can help in reducing the chance of contamination. Here are some useful tips for protecting yourself from catching various germs or your colleagues' coughs and sniffles: ● Wash your hands (or at least use hand sanitizer) as soon as you get to work. That’s especially important for those who are using mass transit, like trains or buses. ● Always keep hand sanitizer at your desk. Remember to use it right after every meeting or conference. ● Use alcohol solution or disinfectant wipes to clean your desk, preferably daily. That’s particularly important if you’re eating at your desk. ● Whenever you go into a break room, always bring disinfectant wipes with you and use them to sanitize high-touch areas. Or, at least use paper towels to touch them. ● Place at least one hand sanitizer in the break room. That will reinforce healthy hygiene behaviors in all co-workers. ● Hire a reliable cleaning service if you want to be sure that all office areas are disinfected regularly. Leave the cleaning to the pros who are trained in methods to get rid of bacteria from the dirty surfaces. ● Encourage your co-workers to clean their workspace regularly ● Reduce office clutter Thorough cleaning after a commercial relocation If you plan to relocate your business in the future, you shouldn't forget the cleaning routine you have set up. After commercial movers help you settle in your new office in no time, don't miss the crucial step of cleaning everything thoroughly so that you can start a new chapter in a completely fresh and sanitized environment. Conclusion Taking all the necessary steps to keep the dirtiest areas in an office as clean as possible is extremely important. So, take responsibility to provide a clean and sanitary workspace and follow the given tips. That's how you and your co-workers will stay healthy and productive. Photo used

  • Leave it to the Pros

    5 Reasons to Leave Office Cleaning to Professionals Alt: A vacuum cleaner symbolizing professional office cleaning services The importance of keeping your office space clean and tidy is undeniable. But, worried about additional expenses, many business owners shy away from hiring professional cleaning services. The fact that they will end up saving money if they leave office cleaning to professionals seems to escape them. Therefore, here are the reasons why cleaning and tidying up should not be another point in your employees' job description. 1. A clean and tidy work environment fosters productivity Upon reading this argument, one can argue that employees can maintain their workspace clean and thus stay productive. Unfortunately, things are not that simple. While it is true that clutter is one of the biggest distractors and people work better in a place where they feel comfortable, keeping the office immaculate should not be a part of their job. Sure, they can keep their workstations presentable. However, the overall hygiene of your offices is not and should not be their responsibility. Besides the fact that your employees lack the training to keep cleanliness at a professional standard, continually reminding them to clean after themselves will likely impair their productivity. What is more, it can significantly affect their job satisfaction. Ultimately, you will end up with an unhealthy work environment, not in terms of hygiene but interpersonal relationships. 2. Only professionals can provide an adequate office cleaning service The only way to be absolutely sure your offices are pristine is to hire a professional cleaning company. An unkempt office will quickly become a lair of bugs and other creepy crawlies. The smells will occupy the premises, which can attract different pests, etc. All that can endanger your important documents. Finally, an overall rugged and unprofessional appearance of your business may deter your clients and steer them away from you. Professional cleaners possess the equipment that can allow them to reach every nook and cranny and remove dust and grime from your upholstery, carpets, and rugs. A standard vacuum cleaner simply cannot perform so well. Moreover, professional cleaners have and know how to adequately use various cleaning substances to ensure your offices are germ-free, clean, and disinfected. This is particularly important now that we are battling a global pandemic when we are all aware of the importance of higher cleaning standards. Many companies offer Covid-19 disinfecting to hinder the spread of the virus. 3. Professionals can offer customized services to suit your needs One thing that sets professionals apart from laypeople is that they can offer you services tailored to your specific needs. You can ask for janitorial services, and they can be performed as frequently as you need them. Moreover, you can specifically ask for upholstery and carpet cleaning when necessary. You can also schedule deep cleaning. Together with the cleaning company you choose, you can create a cleaning schedule that will fit your business needs perfectly. Furthermore, if you are moving your business to new premises, you will want to ensure you are bringing your staff and equipment into a spotlessly clean environment. Good planning and organization are critical during these times, given that you wish your business operations to continue uninterrupted. Therefore, you can make sure that transfer to new premises is efficient with the help of a moving crew. At the same time, a cleaning company can quickly and efficiently prepare your new offices for the mover to deliver your inventory. 4. Efficiency is crucial We have already mentioned that professional cleaners come with equipment that is rarely available to regular people. They also have all the necessary cleaning supplies and substances that are not widely available, and that will ensure your offices are clean and safe to work in. On top of all that, professional cle aners' skills and training will ensure the entire cleaning process goes much faster. Just think about how much of your time you will have to invest in order to bring the place to a similar state. What will take you hours or days to thoroughly clean and organize will be over much faster if you leave office cleaning to professionals. So, professionals will provide you with efficiency your employees or you alone cannot achieve. At the same time, you will be able to focus on much more critical, business-relevant tasks and keep your company running. 5. You can relax when you leave office cleaning to professionals Hiring a professional cleaning company will demand practically no effort on your part. Your job is to do some research, find reliable cleaners with good reviews, schedule the first appointment and create a cleaning timetable. After that, you will not have to lift a finger. You can sit back, relax, go to sleep, have time for your family and hobbies. Knowing that you will come to a spotless office every morning will give you a particular peace of mind. As a business owner, you already have plenty of worries to deal with daily. Keeping your offices clean or hounding your employees to get this job done doesn't have to one of them. You will realize that office cleaning services play a significant role in keeping your relaxedness at a satisfactory level. Final words In summation, if you hire office cleaning professionals, you will reap many benefits: You will know your offices are immaculate Your employees will work in a safe environment Productivity will improve You will not neglect your priorities, which is your actual work Cleaning will be done more efficiently You can get a customized service that will perfectly suit your needs You will have time to relax. Considering all these upsides, it's only natural to make the decision and leave office cleaning to professionals. As you can see, the premise that it's a waste of money to pay someone else for what you can do on your own cannot be more wrong. As we have already underlined, you don't have the means and expertise to do the job done as well as the professionals would. And even if you invested in all the professional equipment and supplies, how much more would it cost? So, on top of all the other benefits, hiring professional commercial cleaning services is also very cost-effective. Black and Red Canister Vacuum Cleaner on Floor · Free Stock Photo ( Meta: Read why business owners should leave office cleaning to professionals. The efficiency and cost-effectiveness alone should be enough to persuade you.

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    ™ T he C rew For A Free No Obligation Cleaning Quote Success! Message received. Send Call Today (720) 708-0312 The Crew™ Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Company 8790 West Colfax Avenue Suite 103-C Denver CO 80215 (720) 708-0312 The Crew™ has been the leading local Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial service provider for over 39 years in the Denver Metro Area. Our Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial service staff is fully background checked, trained and experienced. We are a full service certified Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Company. Meeting your Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial services needs can only be achieved we source and place only the best workers who have a desire to meet your needs with no non-sense and complete follow through... We understand that your time is extremely valuable and you don't have time to micro-manage your Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial services. Why Choose Us? 1) In the Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial business it’s all about the workers we assign to clean your facility... At The Crew™ We hire the best cleaners to ensure quality results now and in the future! 2) We provide a full and complete background checks of all janitorial cleaning staff through the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. 3) We make the effort to screen all cleaning staff prior to placement at your facility to ensure they are experienced, trained, and have a can do attitude in cleaning. ​ 4) The majority of our Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial service cost goes to paying our staff that cleans your facility. We may profit less but we can hire the best workers ensuring a good job long-term… The cleaning industry has an average turnover rate of 28.50% percent per year. Last year we had no turnover and added staff. ​ 5) We have been in the Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial business for over 39 years and the key to our success is sourcing and hiring the best and is our bottom line... o Commercial Cleaning o Janitorial Services o Day Porter Services o Office Cleaning o Floor/Carpet Service and Much More... Some of Our Valued Customers

  • Commerical Cleaning in Denver, CO | affordable Price | The Crew

    If you would like to be considered for placement please provide your background, experience, have you ever been convicted of any felonies, and what makes you stand out. Also provide references with phone numbers, area where you want to work, amount you would like to be paid monthly. ​ If you are bilingual it is a plus... ​ Si desea ser considerado para la colocación por favor proporcione sus antecedentes, experiencia, alguna vez ha sido condenado por cualquier delito grave, y lo que lo hace destacar. También proporcione referencias con números de teléfono, el área donde desea trabajar, la cantidad que le gustaría ser pagado mensualmente. Contém uma Si eres bilingüe es una ventaja ... Employment Success! Message received. Send You can also send an email direct to

  • Commercial Cleaning Prices | Commercial Cleaning

    Commercial Cleaning Prices At The Crew - Our Commercial Cleaning Prices are based on a number of factors: ​ 1) Size (Square footage or time it takes to clean. ​ 2) Site Conditions, type of facility (industrial, class A commercial, etc.) , population... ​ 3) Cleanliness of site = difficulty to clean. ​ 4) Frequency of cleaning i.e. 1x week, 3 times a week , 5 times a week or more... ​ 5) Regulatory requirements if any. ​ 6) Scope of Work Prior to providing a cost or quote we always like to stop by and discuss your cleaning needs first so we can give you a full scope of work with your cost for service to ensure that the service we will provide will meet your needs at the most reasonable price. ​ Call us Today at (720) 709-5261for your free no cost no obligation price... T he C rew For A Free No Obligation Cleaning Quote Thanks! Message sent. Send Cost: The Crew commercial cleaning prices it's services in a manner that has always maintained the most competitive pricing structure and never nickels and dimes their customers. We understand that pricing is critical to deciding whether to hire The Crew Commercial Cleaning and the prices provided must represent the true cost for the cleaning services desired. That is why we make sure to review your scope of work in detail to ensure that what we say we will provide your cleaning service for, is in actuality the bottom line price. Don't be fooled by those other cleaning companies that promise you a low price to get you to sign up with them. Its critical that you get an honest and fair evaluation of the cleaning services needed. Never settle for general specifications that are grey and open the door for added costs in the future. The Crew commercial cleaning gives you a scope that is specific and lists what we will do for a specific price. Don't let those other cleaning companies reel you in with a low price and then up charge you for everything thereafter. ​

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