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Day Porter Services

Day Porter services consist of a staff of one or more janitors or cleaners that function as a daytime cleaning service. Day Porters can provide vital services that keep your building running smoothly, such as lobby maintenance, office cleaning, common area bathrooms, pool areas (patios, furniture and BBQ’s) gyms, clubhouses, and more.

Day porters can also help with special functions that arise and provide set up and tear down for meetings, making sure coffee is ready for early morning tenants and staff, and wiping down the front entry so everything is bright and fresh each morning.  Employees, customers, and tenants all appreciate a professional day porter on staff. 

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All Day Porter(s) placed at a customers facility are required to get a full background check through the Colorado Bureau of Investigation as well as site specific training to ensure that they are aware of daytime protocols for meeting with and conducting Day Porter Services during business hours and/or cleaning and sanitizing around customer staff.

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