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Commercial Cleaning Prices

At The Crew - Our Commercial Cleaning Prices are based on a number of factors:

1) Size (Square footage or time it takes to clean.

2) Site Conditions, type of facility (industrial, class A commercial, etc.) , population...

3) Cleanliness of site = difficulty to clean.

4) Frequency of cleaning i.e. 1x week, 3 times a week , 5 times a week or more...

5) Regulatory requirements if any.

6) Scope of Work


Prior to providing a cost or quote we always like to stop by and discuss your cleaning needs first so we can give you a full scope of work with your cost for service to ensure that the service we will provide will meet your needs at the most reasonable price.

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The Crew commercial cleaning prices it's services in a manner that has always maintained the most competitive pricing structure and never nickels and dimes their customers. We understand that pricing is critical to deciding whether to hire The Crew Commercial Cleaning and the prices provided must represent the true cost for the cleaning services desired.  That is why we make sure to review your scope of work in detail to ensure that what we say we will provide your cleaning service for,  is in actuality the bottom line price. 


Don't be fooled by those other cleaning companies that promise you a low price to get you to sign up with them.  Its critical that you get an honest and fair evaluation of the cleaning services needed.  Never settle for general specifications that are grey and open the door for added costs in the future.  The Crew commercial cleaning gives you a scope that is specific and lists what we will do for a specific price. Don't let those other cleaning companies reel you in with a low price and then up charge you for everything thereafter.

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