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Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning is more than emptying the trash...

At The Crew - We have been providing full service Office Cleaning to our customers for over 38 Years.  It is important to know our customers needs, develop a scope of work or office cleaning plan and train our cleaners thereafter to meet all customer needs accordingly.  Scope items as simple as replacing soiled plastic trash liners and then tying them to the trash can improves the finished service look and increases service consistency/efficiency as an example.   Other service items such as using a rotary vacuum as apposed to a backpack vacuum can help keep customer carpets free of dust and lint. 


The bottom line is, office cleaning must be fully thought out and handled by cleaners that understand and know the tasks consistently to ensure customer satisfaction.   

Call us today at (720) 708-0312 so we can develop a office cleaning plan for you...

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