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Janitorial Denver
Customer Janitorial Denver
The Crew™
Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Company
8790 West Colfax Avenue
Suite 103-C

Denver CO 80215
(720) 708-0312
Building Service Contractors Association

The Crew™ has been the leading local Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial service provider for over 39 years in the Denver Metro Area.  Our Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial service staff is fully background checked, trained and experienced. We are a full service certified Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Company.  Meeting your Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial services needs can only be achieved we source and place only the best workers who have a desire to meet your needs with no non-sense and complete follow through...  We understand that your time is extremely valuable and you don't have time to micro-manage your Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial services.

Why Choose Us?

1) In the Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial business it’s all about the  workers we assign to clean your facility...


 At The Crew™ We hire the best cleaners to ensure quality results now and in the future! 


2) We provide a full and complete background checks of all  janitorial cleaning staff through the Colorado Bureau of  Investigation.


3) We make the effort to screen all cleaning staff prior to placement at your facility to ensure they are experienced, trained, and have a can do attitude in cleaning.

4) The majority of our Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial service cost goes to paying our staff that cleans your facility.  We may profit less but we can hire the best workers ensuring a good job long-term… The cleaning industry has an average turnover rate of 28.50% percent per year.  Last year we had no turnover and added staff.

5) We have been in the Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial business for over 39 years and the key to our success is sourcing and hiring the best and is our bottom line...

o Commercial Cleaning
o Janitorial Services
o Day Porter Services
o Office Cleaning
o Floor/Carpet Service
and Much More...

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